About the Site

We here at For the Love of Lifting (okay; it’s just me) would like to extend to you a warm welcome. Welcome, good people, and thank you for stopping by.

For the Love of Lifting is an extension of my passion for the building of both strength and physique. I love the process; I love learning all that I can about optimizing training and nutrition to pursue specific goals, and in the past couple years, I’ve realized that I love using what I’ve learned to help others pursue their own goals.

That’s what this site is about for me.

Whether you are a total newcomer, someone who has been working out for a few years with a frustrating lack of progress, or an experienced lifter just looking for the occasional helpful tidbit, I think the site will have a lot to offer you.

My writing draws on both scientific literature (when possible) and anecdotal evidence to try to bring you the distilled essence of what makes for success when it comes to training for strength and/or physique. My goal here is to deliver quality information to you while also taking care to distinguish between established “fact” and the more tenuous land of opinion.

More than anything, I just want to share my passion for the iron with you!

Come with me if you want to lift!


About Luke

If the site’s name didn’t give it away, I really love lifting. But there is—of course—marginally more to my being than that.

Outside of the gym, I am currently wrapping up an MS in neuroscience at Drexel University. Between my current position at Drexel and my undergraduate background in bioengineering, I have received a substantial amount of academic education pertaining to human physiology and biomechanics. At my core, I am a problem solver, and I love nothing more than applying all of the things I have learned both in and out of the classroom to help people improve their approaches to training and nutrition.

Outside of academics, I am quite smitten with most things fantasy and sci-fi, and I pretty much subsist on a steady stream of video games, books, and movies. Oh, and the love of my beautiful girlfriend… Can’t forget about that one!  = )

puffin and whale

Isn’t she just the cutest?!

Anyways! If you want to know more about me, don’t be a stranger! Leave a comment, shoot me an email, or get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Thank you for coming, and please, For the Love of Lifting, enjoy the content!


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