I’m Not Dead/Holiday Greetings

Hey, guys.

In case anyone was worried, I wanted to let you know: I’m not dead; I’m just in California right now.

Not that I’ve actually been here that long. It’s just been quite some time since I’ve managed to post anything to the site. Long enough that I felt the need to throw up this rather meatless post simply saying that I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve brought you any fresh content, but it is indeed coming at some point!

I have been writing, but between school and holiday travel, it’s been so hectic that I just haven’t made the time to get anything finalized and published.

At any rate, I have some stuff in the works now, so once I return back to the shining land of Philadelphia this coming week, I’ll get back to it and get something (hopefully) useful published soon.

Until then, I hope everyone’s having some happy holiday times!

plane view



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